Thursday, November 27, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Road to a Championship

Woodruff High School is in the third round of playoffs and last week that's where we were on Friday night.

We're hoping they go all the way!

It's Christmastime Again

The Sparks house is ready for Christmas even before Thanksgiving. I enjoy a lit Christmas tree so much, one month is just not enough.

Here are the girl's decorating their tree for their room. Notice the Easter Bucket filled with ornaments...

As a child my parents got me an Hallmark ornament for the Christmas tree. Each ornament has a special meaning and most of the time has something to do with what was going on in my life at that time. When Travis and I began having kids, we continue this tradition.

The ornament that Faith picked out this year is a Barbie ballerina. She is asking Santa Claus to bring her ballet lessons, ballet shoes and tap shoes. We guess we have put her off long enough if she is resorting to asking him.

Hannah Grace picked out a Gingerbread House ornament to go along with the theme for her birthday party this year.

Samuel has not found his yet, hopefully this week-end.

Once again, this year Travis and I are trying very hard to teach our children the real meaning of Christmas and find the balance between birthdays, parties, and gifts and the birth of Christ.

Tonight the girls are I were watching a Christmas movie that was talking about gifts and more gifts and Faith looked up at me and said, "Christmas is Jesus' birthday". I praise that Lord that our children are seeing why we celebrate Christmas. I don't tell you that to boast about the job that Travis and I doing, it is nothing that we have done - it is all from HIM!!! I tell you to praise HIM for what is doing in our children's lives.

You will find two more posts about our trip to LA below. I have a goal to finish telling you about it before Thanksgiving. The rest of my pictures are at work, so I will have to finish on Monday.


On Friday night of our trip to California we went to Hollywood. The Capital Records Building
Hollywood and Vine

I wish I had taken pictures of all the freaks that were in front of the Chinese Theater, but that's what they were there for. There were people dressed up who wanted you to pay them to take a picture with them. I think Travis laughed more at me for being so sheltered than at the crazy people on the street.Apparently Adam Sandler has size 14 feet.

It was the opening night of Disney's High School Musical 3. We had the thought of seeing it that night, but all the screaming little girl's changed our minds quickly.

After our walk up and down Hollywood Blvd. we started our looonnnngggg drive home. It wasn't that far, but the traffic was terrible!!!!

The Stars We Saw

Friday Family Funnies - Synagogue Tree

We decorated our house for Christmas last week-end and on the Christmas Tree that is our bedroom has a collection of Hallmark Candlelight Services Church ornaments, Travis began this set for me the year we were married and has got me one ever year since. We finished decorating the tree after the kids went to bed on Saturday night. When Faith walked into our room Sunday morning she said, "What a beautiful synagogue tree". As we were laughing at her, we asked her why she called them "synagogues" and she told us Jesus went to the synagogue.

I thought I would use this post to show you each of Christmas trees in our house.
Here is the girl's tree in their room - all girl!

Here is our living room tree, it looks a little sad, but hopefully we can get a new one for next year.

And here is my favorite tree in the house. It is decorated with all the homemade ornaments that all three kids have made me.

Have a great week-end!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Adventures and Hannah Grace and Ayato Continues

Hannah Grace and Ayato had another wonderful week-end together.

They went to another Woodruff football game and Ayato met another of Hannah Grace's friends, MacKaylan.

On Saturday Hannah Grace, Ayato and her family went to The Beacon to eat where Ayato met Mr. JC and enjoyed some World Famous Beacon Tea.

For supper Hannah Grace took Ayato to her Mommy's favorite place to eat, Chick-fil-a.

After they went to church again Ayato helped Hannah Grace decorate the Christmas Tree.

To be continued...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Family Funny

Last night we all went to Hannah Grace's school for "Family Write Night". We were waiting in the cafeteria and just talking about eating at school, passing the time, Samuel said, "I hope it doesn't get over constipated like in my lunch room." Yes, that what he said! Travis and I couldn't look at each other, because we both were laughing so hard there were tears in our eyes. We think he meant to say "over crowded" but we are not sure...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our Community

Hannah Grace had a school family project this week. She and her class are buidling their community and she picked for her family to build a gas station. I don't know who had more fun, Hannah Grace or Daddy!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Photo Contest

I am entering another photo contest. So soon till Christmas, I am trying all that I can. If you look close, the marshmallow is still on fire - yikes!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Many Adventures of Ayato and Hannah Grace

This is Ayato; she is Hannah Grace's Japanese Buddy from school. And so begins the MANY ADVENTURES OF AYATO AND HANNAH GRACE...

Ayato and Hannah Grace were very happy to meet each other at school and Hannah Grace was so excited to introduce Ayato to her family. When Mommy picked them up from school it was time to get in carpool line, which is where Hannah Grace, her sister, Faith, and Mommy get in a line of cars and wait for Bubba (their brother, Samuel) to get out of school.
Every day in carpool line Hannah Grace and Mommy read; Hannah Grace enjoyed reading to Ayato.
Hannah Grace shared her snack of goldfish, a cheese cracker, with Ayato.

On Friday night, Hannah Grace, Faith, Daddy, and Ayato went to the Woodruff High School football game. After the game, Ayato met Caleb, Hannah Grace's friend.

On Saturday, Ayato enjoyed another football game, this time it was for Hannah Grace's brother.

Hannah Grace and Ayato helped Mommy at the grocery store, where they get their food - they picked out canned vegetables.

Hannah Grace's grandmother celebrated a birthday during the week. On Saturday evening, Hannah Grace's family travel about 45 miles to meet up with Memama and Grandaddy to have supper. Memama and Grandaddy enjoyed meeting Ayato.

Ayato also met their waiter, Aaron - he took their order of what they wanted to eat and then when it was ready brought it out to them.

On Sunday morning, Hannah Grace and Ayato went to church. It was a beautiful fall day.

Ayato and Hannah Grace played blocks with their friends before having their lesson.

After church Hannah Grace's family was invited to eat lunch at their friends house. Hannah Grace and Ayato had a blast with Faith and Hannah Grace's best buddies.

After a long week-end, Hannah Grace's Mommy wasn't up to cooking, so her Daddy took them to Zaxby's to eat where they enjoyed great chicken strips. After supper everyone was tired and they went home and got ready for bed.
To Be Continued...