Monday, February 26, 2007

One In A Million

I think my mother-in-law is One In A Million. After this past week-end, she is not only One In A Million to me by the way she loves me and helps me and listens to me and many, many other ways; she is One In A Million in the Medical world, too.

This past Thursday, Cathy went in for a routine colonoscopy. Everything with the colonoscopy was fine and after the procedure, Tommy took her home and she rested for about an hour. Her plans were to take a nap, eat a little lunch and then work on a paper that was due. When she woke up from her nap, her side was hurting and then the pain went up to her shoulder. Tommy had read on her discharge papers that if you had pain in your shoulder to call the doctor back. They called the doctor and the doctor told them to come right back to the office. When they got to the office, the doctor sent them directly to the ER. When Cathy arrived in the ER her blood pressure was something like 80/50 - very, very low! The doctor tried a couple of different things but then decided he was going to have to do surgery. Cathy was bleeding from the inside, he just didn't know from where. The doctor ended up having to remove her spleen. When he was doing the colonoscopy, the scope had "pinched" the spleen and the spleen was bleeding out. Once the spleen was removed her blood pressure and vitals began to return to normal. Until yesterday she was in ICU and then was moved to a regular room yesterday. As of this morning, her body was doing just as it needed to and they were going to try some food. If she tolerates the food well, she might be able to go home tomorrow!

It was a very scary week-end. Travis was able go to the ER and be with his mom - I think for a moment everyone thought that she wasn't going to make it, and from talking I think that she had lost so much blood that her body was not far from going into shock.

God had seen this family through another trail and as always, they continue to praise Him and give His the glory for all He has done.

God has blessed me with such a wonderful family and extended family, I can not even put into words how much I love all of them.

To each of you (you know who you are), I LOVE YOU!

And to Cathy, you have always been One In A Million to Me!

Please continue to pray for Cathy, she has a long recovery ahead of her, but she is strong and determined and I know that God will see her and help her gain strength each day.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Family Funnies - Back to Normal

Faith loves her Baby, but Baby was looking pretty rough despite a good "ride" in the washing machine. Last week, we made a trip to Belk to get a "New" Baby. When I picked Faith up from Aunt Amanda's I told her that Baby was waiting in the van for her. She rushed out to the van to her beloved Baby. We didn't fool her. She kept asking why Baby was pink...where did I get the pink soap...why did she have pink boots on? Finally, she threw New Baby at me and said..."I want her back to normal!"

She since then has taken New Baby in and loves her like her own, even if she's not normal.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Something Red

My husband is such a romantic - he took me for a nice lunch at Fuji yesterday for Valentine's Day, then he took me shopping. He got me something very's red...A NEW VACCUM CLEANER!!!!!
Thanks, Honey, I LOVE YOU!!!

My Sweet Son

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Sorry I have not posted in a while. I have been sick, then Travis got sick, and then Samuel was sick. He was home from the school the past two days. He was ready to go back today. I don't think it was for learning, I think it was because of the party!!!!

Please pray that we all continue to feel better and that the Lord protects the girls from getting sick.

I got the sweetest card from Samuel this morning. He went with me yesterday to Wal-mart and as I was picking out a card for Travis, he asked if he could pick out some cards. He picked out one for each of his sisters and one for Daddy and one for me. He was so cute. We went through the self check-out line and he even rang them up so I wouldn't see my card. Then when we got home, after a 3-hour nap, he went in his room and closed the door to write his cards. I was going to show you the front of the card, but I forget my camera at home. It read: "To Mommy From Your Son".

I am very proud of the young man he is!

He is such a sweet, caring, and loving young man because he has a sweet, caring, and loving Daddy!

Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful husband, who by the way is looking great!!!!!! I didn't think he could get any better looking, but he is proving me wrong. He has lost almost 30 pounds so far, I am so proud of him.

Happy Valentine's Day to Each of You,

We Love You SnOw Much!!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Friday Family Funnies - The Hardest Shot Ever!

This past Saturday at Samuel's game, he was fouled. He was given two foul shots. The clock had run out and they cleared the court, but still let Samuel take his two shots.

He shots...he misses. He shots again...he makes it!!!!!!!

During half-time, Big Daddy had taken the girls to get Skittles and he told his Big Daddy, That was the hardest shot I ever had to make, and I made it!