Monday, January 28, 2008

Friday family Funnies - I Don't Know English

Alright, Aunt Cindy - I know I didn't get you a Friday Family Funny, but maybe you need a funny on Monday morning!

Last night we were sitting at the table having supper and Hannah Grace started counting and I was helping her count up to fifty and then Faith started counting, uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, seis... I said, "that is great Faith, now can you count in English?" She looked up from her bowl of soup and said, "I don't know English - I'm only learning Spanish at school!"

Friday, January 25, 2008

A "somewhat" Friday Family Funny is coming, please be patience with me...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Family Funnies - This is what I think of the snow!

We have been bringing Cassie in some during the cold and rainy weather. We let her in and she gets warm and then she sleeps in the garage. Wednesday night was no different. Yesterday morning, Samuel tired to get her to go out just for a little while, be she was having no part of the snow and rain. She stayed in the garage most of the morning and after we played outside, we made her go out. I was watching her in the backyard just to see what she would do in the snow. Apparently, this is what she thought of the snow...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

SnOw Much Fun!

The kids and I had a fun, restful day at home today because of the snow. Daddy had to go on to work, but the kids and I stayed in our PJ's till lunch and then went outside to play in the snow.

Who's Next?

This is my favorite picture from the day...

*I know I haven't posted about our first day of Upward, but I have had a very busy week, plus we didn't get a family picture. I will try to share pictures from both weeks on Monday.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Family Funnies - I want the pink team to win

Sorry I haven't posted this week, I have spent most of my week at home with Hannah Grace. I had to go pick up her from school early on Tuesday; she wasn't eating, running a fever and just didn't feel well. I took her to the doctor that afternoon. I couldn't see our regular doctor, so I saw her husband. He listen to her breathing and said there was squeaking and rattling in both lungs, but he didn't think is was pneumonia yet. We were sent home with a inhaler and told to watch her and if she didn't get any better by the end of the week to bring her back. I didn't leave there very happy. Since then I have talked to other mom's and nurses and have read some and from what I read and what they have told me, I believe she did have pneumonia. She was having fever and chills, not eating, very, very tired, coughing, breathing hard, wheezing. Anyway, as of this morning she is finally starting to feel some better. She hasn't gone to school any this week and Travis and I have been taking turns taking off of work. We have out first Upward game tomorrow, so we have been praying that she would feel better by then. As of right now, it looks like we will make it.

Anyway, on Tuesday night the girls and I were home watching The Biggest Loser. They were doing a challenge to win phone cards to call their families. Once the game was over the most of the teams were crying, either because they won a phone call or because the didn't win a phone call. I was crying right along with them. Faith turned to me, with big tears in her eyes, and I said, "I wanted the pink team to win, I don't want to watch this anymore!". see her (and me) crying over The Biggest Loser and see her heart be so tender. Later in the show when the teams were making their phone calls, and crying again, she climbed back in my arms sobbing, and yes I was sobbing right along with her!

Have a great week-end and I can't wait to show you pictures from our first Upward game; all five of us will be in our Upward gear!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Family Funnies - Look What I Got For Christmas

The sixth member of our family is our dog, Cassie and we couldn't leave her out of the gift getting this Christmas. One of the kids gave her the candy cane chew dog you see in the picture, another gave her a candy cane full of dog treats and another gave her a baseball toy.

Our backyard is surrounded by dogs (and goats and chickens) on all three sides and lots of days all the dogs "meet" in the back corner.

On Christmas morning, Cassie was given her baseball toy. She didn't stick around the back door long, she ran to the back corner fence, with toy in mouth and stood there until her "friends" came and then she shook her toy with all her might. It was so funny! I guess she was saying, "Look what I got for Christmas".

Later in the day she got her Christmas present from me - A HAM BONE!

2008 has been going great for us so far, we are finally back to school, work, and play and back to as normal as our family can get...

Have a great week-end!