Friday, February 26, 2010

God's Perfect Timing

I will have to explain this picture a little bit, so that you don't worry and think this was us, but it could have been, that's why I'm so thankful for God's perfect timing.

We started out on our trip to Stone Mountain GA to snow tubing on Friday afternoon and we had rented two movies for the kids to watch from RedBox. Just as soon as we put the movies in the yelling started, "push play", "push stop", "go forward"...Travis and I quickly realized that something was wrong the the DVD player and we decided to pull over at a gas station and try to fix it. We're only about 20 miles from home at this point. Just as soon as Travis put the car into park, we both heard a crash behind us and we turned around and saw a Kia flipping and flipped three times before it landed on all four wheels. Travis gave me his phone and told me to call 911 as he went running towards the vehicle. Another man was got to the Kia as soon as Travis did. The man driving the Kia was bleeding, but was talking to them and was able to call his wife The young boy who hit the Kia was also find.

The first evidence as to God's perfect timing was an ambulance was passing by on the other side of the road and the accident happened right in front of it and they were able to turn around and be on the scene in seconds. As the kids and I sat in the van we prayed and thanked God for the ambulance driving by. We thanked Him that the DVD player had stopped working so that we could be there to help. We thanked Him that the DVD player didn't started working again right away or we might have been pulling out onto the road at the same time the accident was happening. We thanked Him that our trip was being delayed, we were going to miss Atlanta traffic at rush hour and He could have been protecting us from another accident down the road. We thanked Him for our Daddy who was willing to run help not knowing what he was going to see when he got to the vehicle. We thanked Him that His timing was perfect!!!

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Rough Day

I has been a rough day at The Sparks House....
...Hannah Grace is still on the mend from a sinus infection and bronchitis over the weekend.
...Faith has a viral infection with a very high fever.
...Samuel had two cavities filled and two teeth pulled.
So, no picture today.

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