Thursday, November 06, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Our trip to the West coast began early on Thursday morning. Our flight was leaving at 5:55am which meant we had to be at the airport at 4:55am. Aunt Cindy came and spent the night with us so that we could leave the house at 4:30am. She, Big Daddy and Grammy got the kids up and dressed and out the door to school. Our flight to Atlanta was uneventful, except for the fact that Travis had been upgraded to first-class and I had not. He made the sacrifice and sat with me and the rest of the not-so-special folks.

The next leg of our day of travels was from Atlanta to Portland, OR. Travis took his name off the upgrade list before they had a chance to switch him to first-class, but once the flight got started, I'm sure that he wished he was in first-class. It was a 5 hour flight with a full plane. We were sitting in the middle of about 30 people, 15 of which were 12 years or younger, who were on their last leg of a trip from Israel. Most of them did not speak English and they just let their kids stand in their seats and be in the isles. We felt "trapped" and did not move the entire flight. We were so glad to get off that plane.

Travis did his site visit to the church and we headed down town for a little while before our next flight.
Portland was very different than we had expected. I had envisioned it to be a lot like Seattle, but what we saw was not. Downtown was very strange to say the least.

I had seen a show on the Food Network about a doughnut shop, Voodoo Doughnut, in downtown and it looked unique and I wanted to go there. We did find it and enjoyed a great doughnut. But, everything was so strange we just went back to the airport to wait for our next flight.

Travis enjoying an Oreo Doughnut. I had a M&M Doughnut.

The flight from Portland to LA was uneventful, we were just very tired.

We landed in LAX around 10pm, their time, once we got our luggage, the rental car and to the hotel it was around 11:30pm (2:30am our time) which meant we had been up for about 21 hours. I was looking forward to the cozy Hampton Inn bed.

I was too excited to sleep to late the next morning. I think we slept till 7am, but that was 10am our time, so I guess we did sleep late.

This was our view from our hotel.

Travis had a site visit later that morning, but I couldn't wait to see the ocean...

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