Monday, November 10, 2008

The Many Adventures of Ayato and Hannah Grace

This is Ayato; she is Hannah Grace's Japanese Buddy from school. And so begins the MANY ADVENTURES OF AYATO AND HANNAH GRACE...

Ayato and Hannah Grace were very happy to meet each other at school and Hannah Grace was so excited to introduce Ayato to her family. When Mommy picked them up from school it was time to get in carpool line, which is where Hannah Grace, her sister, Faith, and Mommy get in a line of cars and wait for Bubba (their brother, Samuel) to get out of school.
Every day in carpool line Hannah Grace and Mommy read; Hannah Grace enjoyed reading to Ayato.
Hannah Grace shared her snack of goldfish, a cheese cracker, with Ayato.

On Friday night, Hannah Grace, Faith, Daddy, and Ayato went to the Woodruff High School football game. After the game, Ayato met Caleb, Hannah Grace's friend.

On Saturday, Ayato enjoyed another football game, this time it was for Hannah Grace's brother.

Hannah Grace and Ayato helped Mommy at the grocery store, where they get their food - they picked out canned vegetables.

Hannah Grace's grandmother celebrated a birthday during the week. On Saturday evening, Hannah Grace's family travel about 45 miles to meet up with Memama and Grandaddy to have supper. Memama and Grandaddy enjoyed meeting Ayato.

Ayato also met their waiter, Aaron - he took their order of what they wanted to eat and then when it was ready brought it out to them.

On Sunday morning, Hannah Grace and Ayato went to church. It was a beautiful fall day.

Ayato and Hannah Grace played blocks with their friends before having their lesson.

After church Hannah Grace's family was invited to eat lunch at their friends house. Hannah Grace and Ayato had a blast with Faith and Hannah Grace's best buddies.

After a long week-end, Hannah Grace's Mommy wasn't up to cooking, so her Daddy took them to Zaxby's to eat where they enjoyed great chicken strips. After supper everyone was tired and they went home and got ready for bed.
To Be Continued...

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