Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Christmastime Again

The Sparks house is ready for Christmas even before Thanksgiving. I enjoy a lit Christmas tree so much, one month is just not enough.

Here are the girl's decorating their tree for their room. Notice the Easter Bucket filled with ornaments...

As a child my parents got me an Hallmark ornament for the Christmas tree. Each ornament has a special meaning and most of the time has something to do with what was going on in my life at that time. When Travis and I began having kids, we continue this tradition.

The ornament that Faith picked out this year is a Barbie ballerina. She is asking Santa Claus to bring her ballet lessons, ballet shoes and tap shoes. We guess we have put her off long enough if she is resorting to asking him.

Hannah Grace picked out a Gingerbread House ornament to go along with the theme for her birthday party this year.

Samuel has not found his yet, hopefully this week-end.

Once again, this year Travis and I are trying very hard to teach our children the real meaning of Christmas and find the balance between birthdays, parties, and gifts and the birth of Christ.

Tonight the girls are I were watching a Christmas movie that was talking about gifts and more gifts and Faith looked up at me and said, "Christmas is Jesus' birthday". I praise that Lord that our children are seeing why we celebrate Christmas. I don't tell you that to boast about the job that Travis and I doing, it is nothing that we have done - it is all from HIM!!! I tell you to praise HIM for what is doing in our children's lives.

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