Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday Family Funnies

Our first Family Funny comes from Samuel:

While in Kentucky, Samuel had a conversation with Granny Hill about an article that she had read in Time Magazine about global warming, Samuel had also been talking about it in school.

Well, Thursday night after all the kids were in bed. We got a knock on our door. Samuel came in crying and said he was scared. As most of you know, we have had some pretty tramatic past months and we expected him to say he had had a bad dream or something like that. We asked him why he was crying and what was the matter, he responded - "I'm afraid of The Global Warming".

After we composed our laughter, we did reassure him that God had promised that he would not flood the whole earth again (Genesis 8:21) and he headed back to bed.

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Josh and Natalie said...

That is really funny! We're finally starting to actually post on our blog, so you can check it out sometimes. Josh can't believe how big your kids are now!