Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Visit to the Doctor

Well, Hannah Grace, Faith and I just returned from the Doctor's office to retrieve part of Instant Easter from Faith's NOSE!

Last night as she was sitting in her car seat, she starting screaming about her nose hurting. She had been playing with lip gloss that someone at church had given her and we thought that she had put some of that up her nose. Her nose ran last night, but I thought it was irritated from the lip gloss. When she woke up this morning very stuffy, I decided to take a look in her nose. Sure enough there it was - a piece of green Easter Bunny (as seen above) in her nose. After many tries of blowing, I gave in and called the Doctor. Still in the Doctor's office we tired to blow and sneeze - anything we could, but no luck.

The Doctor came in and looked up her nose and said "Yep, there something up her nose". I thought to my self, "Really? Do you need a degree to know that?" Anyway, you have to know our doctor he is great, but a little strange - he put on his head lamp (yes, a head lamp) and pulled a piece of green sponge about the size of a dime out of Faith's nose.

If you can believe it - Faith never cried, she laid there and talked to us. Which is scary because, we are not sure if she has learned her lesson yet.

This is not the first time she has put something up her nose. There has been a popcorn kernel, a piece of popcorn and paper.

Hannah Grace started it all when she put a popcorn kernel in her nose at an Upward Training Session in Atlanta. But, she told me today, "I learned my lesson".

Have a great day!

p.s. I went back and read about Instant Easter, this is what it says -

A watery Easter activity

-drop these capsules in warm water, slosh a bit, and out pops Easter fun


Kristi said...

OhMY! hahaha! Poor little Faith (hmmmm, poor mommy, more like it!) Let's hope she doesn't do it again :) One of my friends' 3 year-old stuck an orange seed up her nose 2 weeks ago, and my sister said they brought her in to see Dr. Tom, and she tried to get it out while they waited for him to come but couldn't. She said, "Miss Katie, I promise, as soon as Dr. Tom comes, he'll get that seed out." Well, the second Dr. Tom opened the door to come in, Katie reached down and said, "Wow, Dr. Tom! Look! It fell in my hand!" hahahaha At least you didn't have to waste your trip like that!!! haha How did he get it out? Maybe we could all just buy those head lamps and that will do something magical or something???!

The Sparks said...

He got out our Easter Fun using this thing that looked like long tweezers on the end of scissors - with help from his head lamp.

The other things that she has put up her nose - she blew out.

The popcorn kernel that Hannah Grace put up her nose - we had to go to the ER in Atlanta and waited and waited and just before the doctor came in - she blew it out! They were so nice - they didn't charge us - Praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I only buy them candy, pocketbook, & books nothing small enough to fit in the nose. Aunt Cindy
PS when we had the daycare center someone was putting something up their noses. pieces of colors, buttons.

The Sparks said...

Me too! Anything given to them at church is going to have to pass the nose test!

E-rock said...

That must be a trait they get from their father. It's definitely not from their uncle.