Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Family Funnies

I don't have a funny from our kids this week, I just couldn't think of anything specific this morning. Of course, we have had funny moments this past week...

...last Friday night, was "Family Fun Night" and we stayed home and sang with Samuel's karaoke machine he got for Christmas. That was funny!

...Seth puked up a entire jar of Blueberry buckle baby food all over the living room floor. The kids thought that was funny, I didn't so much.

...The kids were acting silly before bed Thursday night, showing us their "muscles".

...and many more, pretty much everyday in our house is funny!

I told you I sat some goals for 2007 and I would share with you when the Lord allows me to fulfil one of those goals. Well, I also want to share with you how I have already failed in one of those goals, 12 days into the new year (I really have failed at more than just one!)

One of my goals was to send Birthday cards, on time. I have failed that this week. Our wonderful friend, Lana, had a birthday yesterday and nope - no card in the mail. Our other good friends, Scott and Sharon, their son, Caleb turned 14 on Wednesday and did I get a card in the mail? Nope. So there you go, be encouraged if you have already failed with a goal you set for 2007 - you're not the only one. So by God's grace, I will strive harder this coming week and send a belated birthday card.

Another goal that Travis and I set was to eat more healthy in the coming year and to be more healthy when we go to Walt Disney World this summer. We're not saying we are on a diet - we think that only sets us up for failure. We both have done well with this goal this past week. Travis has so much will power, it is amazing. The word is spreading, my husband, who used to HATE salads has had a salad fours days this week. He said last night he realized that, come Sunday, it will be the first week in his life, that he remembers, not having a french fry. I am very proud of him. Pray that God will help us become more healthy so we can enjoy our kids more. The picture is from our anniversary dinner. Hopefully, the next picture I post of us will be of a smaller us.

Have a great week-end!


RACK ROOM said...

I think Dee and Kyle have the next birthday's in the family. I'm going to get their cards this weekend. I love second chances don't you?


Kristi said...

Hey guys - I'm so proud of you for your eating goals - you know I'm cheering you on. Eric is just drinking water for 2007 - did we tell you that already? I got pretty big eyes when he told me that one!!! :) love ya Oh, and I'm trying to better, too, this year with birthday cards. I know how much it means when I get a birthday card the day before or the day of my birthday!

RACK ROOM said...

But where's this weeks (1-19-07) Friday Family Funny? I enjoy them:)