Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Final Christmas Photos

Alright, I know that I am behind again on getting you caught up on Christmas, I am just so busy, that I haven't time much comptuer time.
So, here it is, a few last picture from Christmas 2006:
We had a wonderful visit with Mammy, Popeye and Cookie. They were able to attend church with us on Christmas Eve, which was a nice treat.
They brought Granny Hill and Nanny Ray along with them. It was so nice to have them in our home. We had a great time! Granny wrote me later that she had a great time and it "didn't hurt me at all". I'm glad they both made the trip,
I failed terribly as a mother this year in getting cookies made for Santa. In my head I was going to make sugar cookies (from scratch) and let the kids use cookie cutters to make adorable Christmas shapes and then let them decorate them (again, with homemade icing). Can't you just picture it...Well in reality, I went out on Christmas Eve and bought sugar cookie dough, already in squares, for the kids to make Santa's cookies. They did get to roll them in sprinkles!
Thankfully, my kids loved the cookies squares and we all had fun and "Santa" enjoyed his cookies.

Here they are, ready for Santa!

That's it, no more Christmas pictures. I'm done. We had a great Christmas together and are having a great start to 2007.

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