Thursday, January 01, 2009

We Resolve To...

On New Year's Eve as we ate supper we all talked about some things that we wanted to do in the New Year and I want to share them with you.

Samuel wants to keep his grades up and continue to mature to get ready for youth group in the summer.

Hannah Grace wants to work on eating neater at the table and keep stuff out of her mouth.

Faith doesn't want to use the floor as a trash can and read the Bible more.

Daddy and Mommy want to get healthier and lose weight again.
As a family we each want to be in God's word more.

We also talked about some things that we want to do in the coming year like, Samuel wants to go to a race; Daddy wants to go to a zoo; Mommy would like to take a hike. We would like to take a trip to the mountains with the Adkins and O'Shields again. And Mommy and Daddy want to take another Mommy-Daddy trip. We also made a list of families that we would like to have in our home for supper and fellowship.

We looked at the coming year at the exciting things that would happen and we have a fun year ahead!

In January, Hannah Grace has basketball games.

In February, we're going to the Circus and Hannah Grace has a school program.

In March, Samuel and Faith both have a school program and Dollywood opens back up.

In April, we hope to make a trip to Washington DC to see our dear friends.

In May, Mommy gets to have special Mother's Day meals with each of the kids.

In June, school is out and Samuel turns 12 and goes into the youth group at church.

In July, we are going to the beach for a whole entire week!!!!!

In August, school starts again and Faith starts kindergarten and the Groce's have their baby.

In September, it's Daddy's birthday - 09/09/09.

In October, football is back again.

In November, we get to go to Kentucky for Thanksgiving.


In December, we get to enjoy the season and birthday of Jesus, Hannah Grace and Faith's birthday and Mommy and Daddy celebrate another wonderful year of marriage.

As we listed all these things the sadness of all the Christmas decorations coming down went away at the excited of the year to come for our family.


Our Family said...

Loved your resolutions. Check out December...I think you left off Samuel in the Christmas celebrations! :) I hope we are one of the families to come over for dinner! ahah :)

The Rackroom Crew said...

Those are some great resolutions. I enjoyed the "gathering" tonight it was lots of fun! I just feel like Samuel needs some encouragement right now. I'm not sure in the hussle and bussle of the night what made me feel that way. I talked to him some tonight, but please let him know that I know he can do anything he puts his mind to.
Love ya,

The Sparks said...

Yes, Lana your family was on our list. Let's get together soon. I reworded December. I meant for it to read the girl's birthday and our anniversary. Thanks for remembering Samuel.

The Sparks said...

Thanks for coming last night Ashely, it was lots of fun. Sixth grade has been tough for Samuel, but he is doing great and really working hard, thanks for your encouragment. You know, it' hard being the big brother to two little sisters...