Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Family Funnies - Baby Talk

As I mentioned in our New Year's post our good friends the Groce's are having a baby in August and we are more than excited for them. This will be their fourth - they have a son the same age as Samuel and then twin boys that are Faith's age that are adopted. Well, Faith is overjoyed with the news of a new baby in the Groce Family and she talks about it all the time. One thing she has decided is that she wants the baby to be a girl. Her reasoning on this is: she asks all the time when she can spend the night with the Groce's or when they can spend the night with her. And we explain to her that because they are boys, we really can't do that. Well she has figured it out and told us, "I want Mrs. Gwen to have a girl, so I can go spend the night with them!"

Lots of the baby talk happens in the van and Sunday we were on our way home from lunch and she announces to us that when she gets big she is going to adopt twin babies and she is going to name them LEMON and ADE.
Have a great week-end!

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emily said...

haha! now where was she when we couldn't decide what to name this baby! :) that is a good one...