Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Friends and Family

I have added a couple new "Friends and Family" to the sidebar, if you have a chance go check them out.

Miss Missy and Family - this is one of the teachers at Faith's school. My girls love Miss Missy!!!! Faith loves for it to rain during the week because she gets to go to "Miss Missy's Movie Theater"

Tate Time - this is Dave, Shannon and Max. Dave, or Big Dave as he is called around church, is the Youth and Children's minister at our church. We have grown to love their Family over the past year and we thank God for their friendship. Speaking of growing - the Tate Family is getting ready to grow sometime this month. They are awaiting the call to travel to Guatemala to meet and bring home their son, Samuel Davidson. We are so excited for Big Dave, Shannon and Max and can't wait to meet Sam.

Chinese Graffiti - this is the blog of my cousin Jake who is studying in China this semester. Please click on over and say a prayer for his learning and safety.

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The Blessed Bryants said...

Awww....I love your girls too!! Tell Faith I hope it rains soon so she can come to my movie theater! :-)