Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Two Dads!

Today is the birthday of my Daddy, Mike (Popeye) and my Step-Dad, Eddie (Granddaddy). Growing up I didn't think much about their birthday's being on the same day, but when I met Travis he informed me that that was weird. I guess it may be a little weird, but to me it's great! Wanna know why? Well, I tell you...

I have been blessed in m life with two dad's and I love them both the same and my Daddy loves me and Eddie loves me as if were his own, so why shouldn't they share a birthday - My Dad's Birthday!

I am so very thankful that my Daddy is around to celebrate this birthday this year. The Lord spared his life a few months ago and I can not thank HIM enough for allowing me to spend a little more time with my Daddy and for my kids to spend a little more time with their Popeye.

And for Eddie, I am very blessed to have him as my step-dad. I want to share with you one (of the many) reason I love Eddie. Eddie is such a man of God; at Nannie Rose's graveside funeral once the pastor's were done, Eddie asked if he could say something. He stood up and told how much he loved his mom and how hard a two weeks it had been and how he would miss his mom but he KNEW where she was, -she was in Heaven with her Savior, and he shared that everyone there could KNOW they could spend eternity in Heaven with Christ if they would accept Him as their Savior. He did not want to miss a chance to share his faith with those he loved the most. I pray that moment will stay with me the rest of life to remind me that no matter how hard a circumstance, I must share of the love and salvation of the One who gives me life!

I love you Daddy and Eddie - Happy Birthday!

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