Friday, April 17, 2009

Last week I spent the week in Kentucky with my Dad and Step-mom (Popeye and Mammy). Daddy had a massive heart-attack on Tuesday the 7th. The Lord showed me many thing and when He puts them all together in my mind I will share them with you. I do praise Him that Daddy is going to be alright, I am very thankful for that.
When I left, I had to leave very quickly and really didn't get to talk to the kids about me leaving. Travis did great and I am so blessed to have him as a husband and helpmate. He did get some help from Aunt Kendra - thank you Aunt Kendra!!!

Popeye got to go home from the hospital on Friday (10th) and when we got settled in I called the kids so they could talk to him. We made the mistake of waiting too late and the kids were getting in the bed. When Samuel answered the phone all I could hear was Faith crying; and I don't mean just crying, she was sobbing and I could hear her say, I just want my Mommy, I just want my Mommy... I tried to talk to her and get her calmed down, but that did not work, so Travis just put her to bed and I moved on to talk with Hannah Grace.

I asked Hannah Grace, What's wrong with Faith? She said, Faith has had enough of Daddy!

Have a great week-end!

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Our Family said...

Glad to hear that your dad is doing well! The telephone story is priceless!!!! Love you all!