Wednesday, April 11, 2007

History Was Made

I told you in one of my last post that history was made at Emma's 4th Birthday Adventure Easter Egg Hunt Party. Well, it was...

Those who know her, know that Hannah Grace is a very sweet friendly little girl, but you also know that sometimes she can get very quite and not say much and not have much to do with certain people at certain times. Emma's Daddy, Jeff, is one of those people. She just would not have anything to do with him. By the way, Emma, has the same feeling towards Travis. We had joked, if anything happened to Cindy or I on our Disney trip - the girls would be in trouble left with their Daddy's. Anyway, Hannah Grace had been warming up to Jeff - she would at least look at him, then she cracked a smiled - a little more each time we saw him. Well, he won her heart at the birthday party - he took her for a ride on the golf cart. That was it - they are friends for life!!!

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