Friday, March 16, 2007

God is so Good!

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19
Most of the time I just keep you updated on the kids and what is going with us through the blog, but today I want to share something that God showed me yesterday. I don't do this often, not because God is not teaching me, but I don't want to seem self righteous or bragging. But, I really feel if I don't share what God did yesterday, I will bust!
Mama and Eddie always taught Kendra and I that when you give to God He will always bless you. You may not always see the blessings, but sometimes He lets you. And yesterday was one of those times He let me see.
A man called the church where I work and asked to speak to the Pastor. We currently have a Interim Pastor, who does not come into the office everyday, but God had it that he was here yesterday. After he talked with the man, he came into the office asking if we kept any petty cash or anything to help those who need a little bit. I told him we do not. He explained there was a man at the hotel up the street that was just asking for a loaf of bread and lunch meat and some coffee. The church family had just helped another man the night before, so the church was not in a postion to help someone else right now. The Pastor went back into his office getting ready to call the man and let him know what he had found out. As I sat at my desk, I just couldn't sit anymore. I called Travis to make sure it was alright if I went and got this man a few things from the store. Of course, he said it was alright. I ran to the store and picked up enough for the man for the week-end. I spent $15 (I don't say that to brag, it is important to what God did). The Pastor took the food to the man and I thought that was the end. I felt I had obeyed God.
This is the amazing part, listen...
When I got home there was check for $84 dollars from our doctors office from where we had over paid at one visit. Isn't God good!
God is so good to let Travis and I see the blessings of obeying Him.
May this encourage you to obey God in what He is telling you, He will bless you.

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goodlikeamedicine said...

This is soooo awesome!!! When I start to have weak faith, these are the moments God always puts in my memory to remind me of his faithfulness! Praise the Lord :)