Friday, March 23, 2007

Exciting Summer

Samuel had a big summer planned; he is going to RA camp in June and then the 22 Member Family Vacation to Walt Disney World. This week his summer got even more exciting. On May 26th he will board a plane with his Grammy and Big Daddy and seven others and travel to Buff Bay, Jamaica for a Mission Trip.

I want to share with you some of a letter a wrote to our family this week..

...Samuel was 10-months old when we took our first trip, now, he will turn ten this summer and he is planning his first trip to Jamaica.
When plans began for the trip to Jamaica this years we had no idea that Samuel would be making the trip, but the Lord seems to be planning otherwise. Someone has backed out and Tommy and Cathy have asked that we allow Samuel to go with them. As his Mommy, my first reaction was NO WAY! No way, am I putting my ten year told son on a plan and send him across the ocean without me. But as the days have passed, the Lord has reminded me of something he taught me ten years ago: As much as I love Samuel, God loves him more. So, as I much as I want to scream NO - I know that God loves Samuel and has special things planned for his life. When I was in the hospital giving birth to Samuel, Eddie stood outside my room and prayed that God wold use the little boy that He was bringing into the work in a special way. This is just another way God is answering that prayer.
God has given Samuel such a wonderful sweet, caring and loving spirit. He has given him such a love and concern for people; it is wonderful to see him get excited about going visiting with Big Daddy and to see the excitement in his eyes when we talk about him going to Jamaica.
...please pray as we handle all the details of the trip, his passport mainly. As his parents, we ask that you pray for us and we prepare our hearts for the day he gets on the plane. We know that God will handle every detail.

We ask all who read our blog that you begin praying now for Samuel and the others on the team and for the people of Jamaica, that God would begin now to soften their hearts to hear the gospel and open their eyes to His salvation.

We will keep you updated...

In His Amazing Love - Travis and Alyssa

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