Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Family Funnies - It's a Secret"

Last Saturday when we got home from Kentucky we were all tired. Faith was asleep in her room, Samuel was in his room watching TV, I was on the couch (asleep), Travis was in his chair watching football and Hannah Grace was in our room watching TV. (Really, we all just needed time to ourselves for a while)

Anyway, after about an hour, Samuel came running into the living room - he said, "Where did all the hair in the kitchen come from?" I jumped up from my soft couch, knowing there was a little Sparks girlwith hair that had been cut, I was just not sure which one it was. Faith was my first guess, after all she did paint herself. She was still asleep. On to Hannah Grace. We found her on our bed, crying, with her face down. She wouldn't lift her head up. Her hair was still in a pony-tail, so I looked at it and it still looked to be the same length. We finally got her to look up at us and she had cut, to the scalp, the front of her hair - right in the middle.

Now this was a hard thing to talk to her about, because we didn't want her to think that we were upset by the way she looked, but we were upset that she had disobeyed us and cut something other than paper.

Well, we went to church and no one really said anything to her, they just ask us what had happened. We told her that when she went to school her teacher was going to ask her what happened. We said, "Hannah Grace, what are you going to tell your teacher?" She looked up at us and said, "I'm going to tell her it's a secret."

Have a great week-end!

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Sabrina said...

One morning when my brother and i were younger we were getting ready to leave the house for school and my brother came out of the bathroom. He had been in there with sissors and had cut his bangs. Well... he had a TRIANGLE cut out in the middle of his forehead b/c that's all he cut! I don't remember what happened after that, but it was so funny!