Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Most Wonderful Gift

Our family received the most wonderful gift last night. Our friends, The Groce's, gave us this picture frame. I had seen a similar idea in Family Fun Magazine a few months back and thought it was a great idea and I have a folder on my computer with a few pictures, but their wonderful family took it to the next level. You see, each letter is from a place that is special to our famliy and theirs.

The "Sp" is from Sugar-n-Spice, where we went to eat on day at lunch, trying to get Gwen to go into labor.

The "a" is from our church playground.

The "r" is from Firehouse Subs where we go together many Sunday Nights (kids eat free on Sundays)

The "k" is from Krispy Kream Doughnuts, which we took to their family the night before Gwen went into the hospital to deliver sweet Ashlinn.

And the other "s" is from Boiling Springs High School, where Travis graduated from and where our kids will attend High School.

We are so blessed to have The Groce Family as our friends and we pray that the Lord allows our friendship to grow in the years to come.


Our Family said...

I love that idea! I saw it in Family Fun as well, but really like the personal twist w/ places that are special for the 2 families. I will definitely file that idea away! :)

happymom said...

That's such a neat idea!! Merry Christmas!!!

MonicaKimsey said...

What an awesome idea! I, too, had seen a similar idea but how sweet of them to take it to such a personal level! Love y'all!