Monday, August 17, 2009

Waiting in EXPECTation

Today, our family is waiting is EXPECTation for a phone call from the Groce Family letting us know it is time for the newest member of their family to be born. We have been praying for and with them for over a year now. From the day of asking the Lord to open Gwen's womb and then praising the Lord with them when He indeed answered our prayers to this morning when I again approached the Lord on their behalf for the baby to be born today. Gwen and I talked last night that we talk about God being in control of when someone passes away and that gives us comfort, but we sometimes forgot that He is in control of the beginning too. At the same time, I ask you to join us in praying that His time would be soon. Gwen's due date was this past Thursday and her and Brian desire to deliver as nature as possible and would like to have the comfort of "laboring" as long as possible at home before going to the hospital.

This picture was taken at Gwen's baby shower. They are lovingly calling the baby "four", so Travis was able to get a #4 Upward Jersey for the baby.

The girl's gifts are waiting too...which will it be - GIRL or BOY?

I look forward to posting a picture of the sweet baby soon! Thanks for your prayers!

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