Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning at The Sparks House

Thankfully, Christmas morning was not too early at our house. The first to wake up was Samuel and then Faith and then our sleepy head, Hannah Grace. Santa had it pretty easy this year, Samuel asked for games for his new game system.Hannah Grace asked for Elefun and board games.And Faith skipped right over Mommy and Daddy and went to Santa and asked him for ballet and tap shoes and dance lessons.Here are a few other pictures of the gifts the kids got. Samuel with his Clemson sweatshirt.Samuel got each of his sister's bath robes.
Faith giving her new baby ice cream.

Hannah Grace with her Hannah Montana doll.

I let each of the kids choose a place where they would like to get Daddy a gift card to use during the week for lunches. I love the look on Faith's face as she watches him open the one she gave him.

We enjoyed a great day at home with lunch with Grammy and Big Daddy and a wonderful Christmas Day nap. What could be better than that?

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