Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BirthDAY Celebrations

For Faith's birthday she got to spend the morning with me at work and then we let her pick the place she wanted to go on a Mommy- Daddy Date; she picked Chuck-E-Cheese (surprise, surprise!) But before we left, she got to open two presents from us; one was a gingerbread shirt to wear to her party on Saturday and the other was a Barbie car with a Barbie who has already drove many a mile through the house.

Faith was beyond excited yesterday. She kept saying, "It's my birthday, It's my birthday" and then she would come to me holding up one hand with all five fingers up and say, I'm one hand today! Before she went to bed on Sunday night she was sitting on my lap while I was telling her the story of the day she was born and when I was finished I said, "Faith, when your five I'm not sure you will be able to climb up in my lap like this anymore". So, when she got up yesterday morning, she jumped in my lap and said, "Seeeee, I told you - I can still sit in your lap!"
It was a fun filled day and at bedtime she had "hit the wall" so hard she was crying, but it only took her about 30 seconds (really!) to fall asleep.

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Goodlikeamedicine said...


I was reading this thinking, "Next year I can say that to Lydia, too..." and then I said, "Wait a minute! She IS five!" haha!