Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Banana Pudding

It's March and in March it's Girl Scout Cookie time and when it's Girl Scout Cookie time it means I can make Girl Scout Cookie Banana Pudding. The recipe is Nannie Ford's Banana Pudding recipe, which you will probably see on here again, but today I will share the recipe using Shortbread Girl Scout Cookies.
*Our sweet niece, Lydia, who sold cookies for the first time this year as Daisy.*

Girl Scout Cookie Banana Pudding

2 boxes Shortbread Girl Scout Cookies
4-5 large bananas, sliced
1 large container whipped topping (cool whip)
1 large box instant vanilla pudding
1 tsp. vanilla

Mix pudding according to directions. Add vanilla and whipped topping. Mix well. Then add shortbread cookies and bananas. Refrigerate overnight before serving.

Girl Scout Cookies freeze well, so if you have enough self-control, put a couple of boxes of the cookies in the freezer and save for later.
I hope you enjoy this yummy Springtime treat...
Happy Spring!

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Kristi said...

Aw, yay for Lydia and yay for pudding! Yum, I will have to try this! I only have pb sandwiches left, though - hmm, don't know if that will taste as good! :)