Sunday, March 14, 2010

Creation Snack Mix

Hannah Grace brought this home for Faith from Children's Church and I just loved it!!!

Day 1 - God created the light and dark - mini Oreo cookies

Day 2 - God separated the water on the top from the water on the bottom. The top was sky, and the bottom was ground - Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal for the clouds and the ground

Day 3 - God made the green grass, the trees, and the flowers - green M&M's c, stick pretzels and red M&M's . God also made the fruit and the berries - raisins and blue M&M's

Day 4 - God created the sun and the mom and the stars -orange and yellow M&M's

Day 5 - God made the birds and the fish - Goldfish crackers

Day 6 - God made man and woman and all the animals that walk on the ground - animal cookies

Day 7 - God rested on the seventh day - big marshamallow "pillows"

God looked at everything he made and said, "That looks good!" Now, enjoy God's creation by eating your snack!

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Our Family said...

I LOVE it! Thanks to you, I now know what Mickey and I will be doing our next Sunday in Children's Church!!!!!