Friday, February 06, 2009

My Funny Valentine

Hannah Grace had a Valentine Program at school last night. It was wonderful! If you know Hannah Grace, you know that she is our quiet reserved child - but not last night. She was singing and dancing, it was great! School has been so good for her, it gives her something that is just for her. Being the middle child and with her and Faith being so close, she doesn't always get to do something that is just for Hannah Grace. School has been great for her for that.
Ready to go.
She had told us before we left the house not to wave at her, because she was not allowed to wave back. This is her looking at us, as we all waved at her anyway before the program started.

"Put on a Happy Face"

Faith had gone to the store with me before we picked Hannah Grace up yesterday after to get Hannah Grace a rose for her performance. I love the look on Faith's face - she was so excited and happy for her sister. Sweet Sisters

Our Family

Hannah Grace with Grammy and Big Daddy

They finished the night with "Love In Any Language"

We are blessed that Hannah Grace goes to such wonderful school that does share Love In Any Language!


The Rackroom Crew said...

Hannah Grace! You are such a cutie. I loved the clips of your program at school. Happy Valentine's Day to you sweet girl:)
Love ya,

The Rackroom Crew said...

Hannah Grace you are such a cutie! I loved watching the clips of your school program. Happy Valentine's Day to you.
Love ya,